AdvCash In Cameroon

What is AdvCash


AdvCash is an e-payment and e-currency platform who offer services for individuals and online businesses. These accounts offer users to make payments using multiple currencies, including USD, EUR, RUB, KZT, UAH and BRL. The E-Wallet, AdvCash's platform, allows users to hold up to four currencies in a single account.


AdvCash is licensed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize and were registered in 2014. The licensing in Belize allows AdvCash to reduce costs, reduce taxes and provide anonymity for their users. Their headquarters are in Gibraltar. Users can send money transfers to over 200 countries and recipients can receive transfers through email, Visa or Mastercard or other e-wallets. AdvCash has a quick registration and allows an account to be verified or un-verified, though verification offers greater features and protections on the account.


The E-Wallet allows users to fund their account using different currencies, including crypto-currencies and e-currencies. They offer an exchange on these currencies, with a fee structure that is constantly changing – although their website stays up-to-date with clear tables of fee structures based on areas and transaction types. Users can withdraw funds either physically or digitally all over the world.


AdvCash provides you with a secure way of transferring money and making payments online using the most popular currencies. The service is available in 200 countries throughout the world.

There are two types of accounts: personal and business. The latter charges lower service fees, gives a priority when sending requests, transactions are less limited and you can have your own manager. If you help promote AdvCash by advertising it on your website or blog or etc, you will receive some bonuses.

As soon as you verify your account, you can create wallets in dollars, euros, pounds or Russian rubles. Topping up is possible with Bitcoin, Swift, SEPA and Wire transfers. With AdvCash you can pay for purchases and services, perform international currency exchanges, pay in bulk and send money requests to those who are not Advcash customers. Plus you can have an electronic MasterCard and transfer money to any other MasterCard or Visa holder.

The fee for holding a MasterCard is 1$ and 6,99$ + 1% are charged for every Visa and MasterCard transfer. Withdrawal fees are equal to those of ATMs.

Advcash is highly protected from fraud. Its security barrier involves numerous methods of customer authentication.

The registration process on Advcash is quite easy and takes place in 3 or 4 steps.
This site offers two types of prepaid MasterCard cards: physical card and virtual card.
The loading of an account at AdvCash can be done by WIFT/SEPA transfer (dedicated to users residing in Europe).
AdvCash cards are sold at a reasonable price: the virtual card is sold at 1 €/$ and the physical card is sold at 4.99 €/$, subject to placing the order within 7 days after registration (after this period, the physical card is sold at 14.99 $ or 17.99 €).
There are no monthly or annual maintenance fees for this online platform.
Bitcoin is accepted as currency.
As with Neteller, AdvCash’s physical card is sent from the UK, making delivery within Europe easy.
There is no need to check your identity before performing basic transactions.
Withdrawals can be made at all VISA and MasterCard accepting counters.

Advcash charges

Advanced Cash offers reasonable rates on its platform. For internal transfers and loading an account by bank transfer, no fees are applied. If you use processors such as Payeer, OKPAY and PerfectMoney, the loading fees vary between 0.5% and 4.95%.

If you use MasterCard AdvCash to make online purchases at merchants (Leader Price, Carrefour, Auchan…) no payment fees will be applied. A fee of $0.99/€ applies to loading your MasterCard card with your AdvCash balance. Each ATM withdrawal involves a fee of €1.99.

How to deposit and withdraw from AdvCash in Cameroon using VIRTACASH?

You can deposite and withdraw from your AdvCash account in Cameroon through Do you wist to transfer money to Cameroon using AdvCash? Cash-out money from your AdvCash account in Cameroon using AdvCash. VIRTACASH will assit you to fund your AdvCash account. You can also withdraw from your AdvCash account using MTN Mobile Money as well as ORANGE money.