19 Nov 2021

Back Online with new website.

Dear Clients,

I will start by apologizing to all our valued clients for the outage recently experienced on our platform. A lot of issues went wrong, from our trying to automate the platform. Our attempt to improve on your trading experience led the compromise of server. In the process we lost all our data and we have to start all over again.  Please bare with us as dive into this project anew.

So, what's new?

We have a new website design, and we have also included new trading currencies and pairs. Our transaction time is now faster as we have operators online all-day-long.

We have also introduced exchange between digital currencies. You can exchange from one electronic currency to the other as well as with any supported Crypto currencies.

Also worthy of note is the introduction of Online investment platform. For those who will want their money to work for them. You can now make money online. Earn profits with us as you join our investment platform.

Lots of new things to enhance your trading experience.



Virtacash Team

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