Express Union Mobile

EU Mobile Money is a service powered by EXPRESS UNION that enables an account holder to carry out financial transactions right from their mobile phone, no matter their mobile network operator.

VIRTACASH now has a strategic partnership with EXPRESS UNION MOBILE and makes available this services to our numerous clients.

– Thanks to EU Mobile Money, feel free to:

  • Perform direct or remote deposits (which could be done by a third party);
  • Perform direct or remote withdrawals from your account;
  • Send money to a third party (P to Cash);
  • Transfer money from one EU Mobile Money account to another (P to P);
  • Pay various bills (eneo, CDE, CAMTEL, CAMRAIL);
  • Pay university fees, as well as a variety of other school fees;
  • Check out what is charged for an operation;
  • Check out your account balance;
  • Get mini-statements of account.

– EU Mobile Money — What’s in it for you

  •  Service available regardless of sender’s/beneficiary’s mobile network operator (making it easy for the beneficiary to collect their money in any EXPRESS UNION branches of their choice);
  • Money transfer and payment of bills from wherever you are;
  • Instant, simple, secure and convenient service;
  • Time-saving.


For more information of EXPRESS UNION MOBILE visit their website at

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